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Collectors, enthusiasts,

restorers, tinkerers, connoisseurs

and good ol' car fanatics…

During 1903, the Automobile Association (AA) established its first NZ clubs in Auckland and Canterbury, followed by Nelson, Otago and Wellington two years later. 1905 saw Canterbury AA organise the first full-scale car race, the Great Automobile Gymkhana at Addington trotting grounds – 30 cars participated watched by 800 spectators. Made up of collectors, enthusisasts, restorers, 

tinkerers, connoisseurs and car fanatics – car clubs proliferated after WWII and by 1947 the Association of New Zealand Car Clubs (ANZCC) was founded.

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The Riley Car Club of NZ

Motorised Rileys were first manufactured in Coventry in 1899, based on adapted existing pedal cycle designs. It soon became evident that adapting pedal cycles was not the way forward so in 1904 a completely new tricar was designed using the first Riley designed engine built in the Riley Engine Works by Percy Riley one of the 3 sons of William Riley the founder. www.rileycarclubnz.co.nz

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